Tiny Suitcase Winner

Hello friends,

I've been sooo busy with the ATC Swap. So many ATCs came to my house. There are still here, 121 sets of ATCs. So very sorry, for the delay of finding the winner for the mini suitcase.

This is what I got from the List Ramdomizer:

List Randomizer

There were 12 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
  1. Suzanne
  2. Maria
  3. Suriana
  4. Judith
  5. Alexandra
  6. Ingrid
  7. Merlyn
  8. Irma
  9. Aris
  10. Maryann L
  11. Lidya
  12. Jovita
Timestamp: 2013-10-31 06:19:43 UTC

So, congratulations to Suzanne Restiati!! Please email me your home address. I will send the kit of the tiny suitcase.

Thank you, friends, for participating in this small giveaway. I'll be back with the giveaway in December. See you....


Tiny Suitcase - Ideas and A Giveaway

Hello friends,

I made another tiny suitcase. The first one is here. The second one is here

The pattern paper was the old old old paper that I had for long in the drawer. I found it and I tried to match with the solid card stock. I matched it with the ginger color card stock. At first I didn't expect the result. But at the end, I was so glad with the result. Take a look. Looks like a LV suitcase? Hehehe..

With this suitcase, I made a tutorial. I sell the kits of this suitcase, and the sellers (a.k.a. my friends) wanted to know how to assemble it. So I made the tutorial. If you wish to buy a kit or two, you may add my Facebook account here. And the album containing the kits is here. Or you can leave a comment here. There will be more new kits on the blog coming soon.. :D

So, next step. I need to decorate it. Do you have any ideas, how I should decorate it? Please let me know.. Leave your commentS below. Did you read commentS? That means you may write down as many comments as possible. I will randomly choose one comment to receive one kit of a tiny suitcase. Hurry up. It lasts October 21, 2013.

Thank you, friends, for your ideas.


The Owlie Family

Hay friends,

It's Thursday. And suddenly I love it so much. Because tomorrow I can stay at home the whole day. Yoohooo...

And that feeling encouraged me to finish what I started some time ago. I cut the cloths to make the owls. The tutorial is from Useful DIY. You can find it here.

When I started one, I couldn't stop, and I came up with these Owlie family.. Soooo cute...My daughters accompanied me in the craft room, waiting for the owl to be ready, and then they started to decorate.

I love this one so much.


This family looks like my own family: a family with 3 daughters. Hehehe.. By the way, the 'kid' owl in the middle belongs to my youngest daughter. Look how she embellished the owl.

You can make one. It's so easy. I used a portable sewing machine. An old one, but I love this machine so much. I bought it 16 years ago. And it still works good.

Worth to try, friends...


World Card Making Day 2013

Happy World Card Making Day 

to all my card maker friends around the globe..

Today is one of the biggest event among the card makers. Everywhere in this globe, I believe, there are card makers who do something on this special day. In Indonesia, I am hosting an ATC Swap among Indonesians scatteredly live in Indonesia and abroad. There are 114 card makers who join this swap. Besides the swap, it is also an October Challenge. So, each ATC will be voted by friends of my Facebook account. You can click here: Dwita's Crafty Crafts.

This is my ATC for this big event. Since I am the hostess, my ATC is not supposed to be voted. :D

Now, create something today, to celebrate the day... I will make some more ATCs. Not only more, but 113 more.. Woohooo...

Have a pleasant day, my friends.... Love you all, card makers in the world..


Suitcase Making - With Christina

Hi friends,

Today is Friday. And this is the first Friday that I didn't teach. So happy that I have plenty time to craft.

Christina came to my craft room, and both of us made the tiny suitcases.
I even made it better than the one in the mini meet last time. Wow!! This suitcase hooked me.. I want to make more and more..

The inside of the suitcase

Above is Christina's.
Below is mine.

Christina and I. Wait.. my younger daughter is far at the back.. :D

If you wish to have or purchase the kit of the suitacases, let me know. Just leave your comment in the box below. 

Thanks for stopping by..



Simple basketball player scrapbook

Hello friends,

Yesterday, one girl came to the craft gallery. She asked me to make something for her boyfriend. She didn't know what to make. So I asked her to make a draft. And finally we came to a conclusion to make a scrapbook. The size of the wooden frame is 25 x 18 cm.  Here it is.

 The whole look

See the boy, with basketball outfit

The ball was made of a card stock, cut and embossed with CB embosser folder


She loves this scrapbook frame. In this town, it is hardly to find persons who make scrapbook, cards, and other crafts. However, you can find traditional dances, spiritual places and of course, adorable culinary spots. Isn't it wonderful? Yes, it is Sion city...


An Amazing Card Makers Gathering

Hello friends,

I'm back. Today was awesome!! I finally met the card maker friends. We spent wonderful time together. First, we put our own goodies into a plastic bag, prepared by the store. Wow!! Then, when everybody was there, Evie explained and taught how to cover the small suitcase and embellish it. She even taught us the flower embellishment. I myself taught them how to tie the ribbon using the small carton. Easy peasy. 

Now, just take a look on the pictures. They tell you the story.. Enjoy..

 Insert my goodies to each bag based on the name.

With Julia and Evie

This belongs to Evie

This belongs to me.. Hehehe..

Evie taught me with centimetres. I did it right away, without measuring. Hehehe..

It's a late lunch

Distributing the name tag

Got a chance to give a tutorial on making a pretty bow

Here we were..

With Judith

With Aris

With Siska

Compare the suitcase I made and the real suitcase..

Queueing to pay what we bought..

An instant coordinator and crew..

All of us

With Jovita

Before going back home

In transit in Melz's house

 The goodies:

So many goodies.. Ohlala... What a wonderful time we spent today! I didn't want to go back home. I love being with them. Thank you, friends. Hope we meet again some day..