ATCs Album

Hi friends,

Meet again. Yes, it's Saturday and I have much time to make this album. I got so many ATCs last October 2012, in World Card Making Day. We did swap for ATCs. The participants were my friends in my Facebook account: Dwita's Crafty Crafts. After I got them, I just put them in a shoe box, then forgotten. Last week. I had few days off, so I had time to clean all the boxes from my old house. And I found this shoe box with all these beautiful ATCs inside.

Today, I managed myself to make the album for these ATCs. First I cut acetates and adhered each ATC with double tape. Why acetate? Because I want to  still be able to see the senders' name which were written at the back of each ATC. Then I punched one edge with the amazing Zutter. I made 2 albums using the rings. I put one card stock in front of the first album and at the back of the second album. These card stocks would be adhered to the inner parts of the cover.

I put aside three ATCs, including mine.  Mine is the one with Mini Balerina Tilda. The one with the yellow flower was from Evieta. I like the design. The one with Crown Tilda was from Rina. I like the sentiment. I want them to be in the cover of the album.

Then, I made the cover. It's quite easy as it is my favorite one to make a book cover. I used a gift paper wrap.

This is the result of the cover from inside. I already adhered the card stocks of each album to each inner part of the cover.

This is the look from above. You can see clearly there are 2 albums.

This is the look from below.

This is the look from the side.

Then I printed the logo of the Card making Day. Unfortunately the printer didn't work  good. The result was not satisfying. But that's okay.

So, here it is. The cover of the ATCs album.

And this is from the side of the book.

Now they are safe from the dirt and dust. And everyone just need to open the album to see those beautiful ATCs from wonderful friends of mine. I adore craft world!!

What do you think? Where did you put all the ATCs you got from swapping? Make this easy album, to let others see the beauty of ATCs. I really enjoyed making this album. Though it is so simple, and not as the scrapbookers make, but I like the result. Why don't you make one...

Have fun, my friends...

Happy Independence Day, INDONESIA


That's the slogan when we arrive on this day. August 17 is the most memorable day for Indonesian, as it is the day to celebrate the Independence Day. And today, it is the 68th celebration. 

This is my creation for today.

And this is the closer look on the bottle embellishments.

Sources: Paper Cake Doily and small white flower are from online store; stamps die cut PTI; ribbon die cut MFT; crayon stamps Hero Arts; Twines The Twinery

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May The Lord bless Indonesia. HE makes Indonesia be prosperous. Indonesia, you CAN!!