Elementary School - Santa Maria 60th B'day

I was asked to teach something for the elementary students. They were my kid's friends, too. There were more than 30 students participated in shift classes.

I taught them how to make Kimono Fridge Magnet. I also had a table to display my crafts. The students and the parents were mostly interested in PUNCHES!!! I even had to demonstrate how to use them and how to create something from one punch. I showed them how to create a dress from a Bell punch (the red one). It was really fun...

Children are curious

As I was decorating frames with quilled flowers, my kids also wanted to learn this technic. So I taught them the easiest quilling flower. Kezia with yellow flower and Sisi with orange flower. Here they are. Crafts day to remember..

Teaching Japanese Bookmarker - November 7, 2008, GKP Cirebon

Look at those faces!! Don't they look happy? Finally, they were able to finish what i was teaching them, Japanese Bookmarker. They said, they would use it for their Bible markers. Yes, I was teaching ladies in one church in Cirebon. the priest told everybody, that what I taught might open their minds, that they could have something to earn. I agreed with the priest. I have been making Japanese Bookmarker for more than 1000 pieces, and am still making them. I earned and still earn from this cute creation. If I can, so can you.