Joie - Easel Box

Hello friends,

I am officially on holiday for a week. Right now I am in Bali. We are 14 persons!! My family and my in-laws'. We stay at Aston Nusa Dua for 2 nights and then to Sheraton Kuta for another 3 nights. The hotels are wonderful hotels, facing the ocean. Remarkable! How long have I visited a beach? Wow! It was in 2005, I guess, when we were still in Kalimantan. Absolutely a very relaxing holiday. Look at the picture of mine, in the hotel, facing the beach.. Ohlala... so nice view..

Anyway, I bring my laptop, just to stay in touch with everyone in the crafting world. The world that I adore soooo much.. And today is my BFF's birthday. She lives in Bali as she got married with our high-jump-athlete friend. She managed to make the itinerary for us to spend in 5-day holiday in Bali. So, I plan to give her this easel box. 

This is from the side:

 Inside, I stamped 100 pages with 4 stamps for every 25 pages. Take a look at the sentiments I stamped on them. I used MFT stamps.

Here are the flowers I made myself. Aren't they gorgeous?

And this is the sentiment I cut from the pattern paper. JOIE is a French word. She and I speak French ( a bit..)

And this is the box, closed.

Bon anniversaire, happy birthday, Cenil.. Stay healthy and fabulous, as you always do..

I am glad to be able to spend time with the whole family, a rare moment.

Happy holiday to you, too, summer or winter holiday.. ;D