ODOP - Day 6 - Favorite Country - Japan

Hello friends,

I'm back from the Jogja Japan Week in Yogyakarta. I was there for 5 days. I gave kurumie workshops. It was a great success for me and my team. We earned so much. Hehehe.. Praise The Lord.

Today, the ODOP is about the favorite country. It is Japan. I wish I could visit the country again. I want to see the cherry blossom. I also want to be under the tree and have a picnic there. :D

So, here is the craft I made. It is kurumie. The lady brings an umbrella. She is wearing a yukata.

It's so lovely, right? The size of the frame (inside) is 5R or 5" x 7'. If you wish to buy it from, me, just let me know..  It is fresh from the craft room. Lol...