Simplicity - A Scene of Friends

It's a late afternoon here. And just clicked the adorable blog. Never want to miss this OLW challenge. This time the theme is Stamp a Scene. Just click and you'll find fabulous card made by Susan R.

Well..well, it's time to use my very brand new (but bou
ght long time ago) stamp, called Tree Swing, designed by Grace Taylor from Grant Archival. This is the only scene stamp that I have. Hmm, next time I have to look for more, because scene stamp may give us many things to think of what that scene is about. That kind of stamps may tell stories. Do you agree?

Like this stamp, I was thinking of my childhood, swinging and playing with neighbor friends. The swing was hooked on the branch of a mango tree. What a wonderful neighborhood...

Here, I also (again) used my Shapeboss to emboss the w
ord 'friends'. How come I have forgotten this fabulous tool... So, this is my card.

Thanks for looking, friends...