Day 18 - Missing You All The Time

Hello friends,

My trip to Mediteranian was fabulous. For me, it was an amazing tour. We spent 11 days there. We flew to Dubai then to Madrid, and continued to Toledo, Zaragoza, Barcelona, Andorra, Lourdes, Montpelier, Marseille, Cannes, Monte Carlo, Nice and Paris. 11 days, 4 countries, 12 cities, 7 hotels, 3 stadiums, 10 different restaurants, and so many tourist objects, and most of all much much souvenirs we bought. ;D

This is one of the pics in Toledo, a small city near Madrid. It's me and my DH. Beautiful small city. Barcelona is also a lovely city where I ate "Paella".. Hmm..

This one was in Monaco. Woohoo, so many luxurious cars. I was amazed with the beauty of the parks in Monte Carlo, and also in the palace.

And this one was taken when I revisited La Tour Eiffel. It was 0 degree Celcius, and I took off my overcoat, just to show the "batik" that I was wearing. "Batik" goes to Eiffel.. Hehe..

Ok, that's all about the trip, though actually there are so many things to tell and to show. ;D

Back to the track, I made this card this morning. I was inspired to make this kokeshi (again), after I bought the book in Paris. The kokeshi was free hand cut, without pattern. Well, I'm back to track, back also to Japanese crafts that I ever enjoyed.

Ok, that's all for today. See you again tomorrow. So glad that I can make a card a day again.. ;D