Tiny Suitcase - Ideas and A Giveaway

Hello friends,

I made another tiny suitcase. The first one is here. The second one is here

The pattern paper was the old old old paper that I had for long in the drawer. I found it and I tried to match with the solid card stock. I matched it with the ginger color card stock. At first I didn't expect the result. But at the end, I was so glad with the result. Take a look. Looks like a LV suitcase? Hehehe..

With this suitcase, I made a tutorial. I sell the kits of this suitcase, and the sellers (a.k.a. my friends) wanted to know how to assemble it. So I made the tutorial. If you wish to buy a kit or two, you may add my Facebook account here. And the album containing the kits is here. Or you can leave a comment here. There will be more new kits on the blog coming soon.. :D

So, next step. I need to decorate it. Do you have any ideas, how I should decorate it? Please let me know.. Leave your commentS below. Did you read commentS? That means you may write down as many comments as possible. I will randomly choose one comment to receive one kit of a tiny suitcase. Hurry up. It lasts October 21, 2013.

Thank you, friends, for your ideas.