An Amazing Card Makers Gathering

Hello friends,

I'm back. Today was awesome!! I finally met the card maker friends. We spent wonderful time together. First, we put our own goodies into a plastic bag, prepared by the store. Wow!! Then, when everybody was there, Evie explained and taught how to cover the small suitcase and embellish it. She even taught us the flower embellishment. I myself taught them how to tie the ribbon using the small carton. Easy peasy. 

Now, just take a look on the pictures. They tell you the story.. Enjoy..

 Insert my goodies to each bag based on the name.

With Julia and Evie

This belongs to Evie

This belongs to me.. Hehehe..

Evie taught me with centimetres. I did it right away, without measuring. Hehehe..

It's a late lunch

Distributing the name tag

Got a chance to give a tutorial on making a pretty bow

Here we were..

With Judith

With Aris

With Siska

Compare the suitcase I made and the real suitcase..

Queueing to pay what we bought..

An instant coordinator and crew..

All of us

With Jovita

Before going back home

In transit in Melz's house

 The goodies:

So many goodies.. Ohlala... What a wonderful time we spent today! I didn't want to go back home. I love being with them. Thank you, friends. Hope we meet again some day..


Judith Kaori said...

aku pun senang bisa ikutan gathering ini :)
dibagi ilmu juga sama mbak Dwita & mbak Evie.. tararegkyuuuu*hugs*

Maryann Laursen said...

Your little suitcases are soo cute Dwita, and I totally love that blue stribed one, that you made, but they´re all just gorgeous. Lovely idea for a giftbox.