The first week of May

Hello friends,

It is the second Monday morning of May. The weather is cool. The sun is so timid to show up. I want to sum up what I made last week. So many things. May is the month when I was born. To remind me that ages are only numbers, I want to show the pictures I did and the creations I made on this first week of May.

The first picture, it was a t-shirt from the online store. My youngest daughter took this picture for me. I remember my friend ever told me: "Doesn't matter who took the picture. What matters most is the person behind the making of the picture, that is the person who directs how to act, who tells which angle the photo should be taken, and who tells how to use the camera/cell phone."  My friend was right. Like it, thou.. 

Next, I made this watercolor painting using Art Impressions stamps. This technique is really relaxing. I can choose any colors I want asn flowers has no color limitation.

The following is the card I made using white embossing powder on the flowers. I colored them with Copic markers. I don't think they are good enough. I need to practice this technique. Perhaps I have to use watercolor paints.

This one is the card where I used my fave colors. Blue and white. The leaves stamp is from Papertrey Ink and the flower is from StampinUp! and the sentiment is from Altenew.

The inspiration for the card below was from Pinterest. I just got the die cut of the stamp. I tried to use them. The blue background doesn't look nice in my eyes. I think I need to practice making the background using watercolor paint or brush pens. All stamps are from Altenew.

The last card of the week, I saw it in the Pinterest, too. So simple and not so crowded. I like the style. The flower stamp is from Altenew. The leaves stamp is from Papertrey Ink. The square frame is from MFT.

Early last week, I found an account in Instagram that uses my hand-lettering as his profile picture. I don't know this guy. One day, he asked me to make something about the song "If you leave me" from MLTR. I made this hand-lettering. It's a nice song, I think. 

Hehehehe, the one below, I just wanted to make this. No special reason on making this one.

Last Saturday, May 6, it was the birthday of Ibu Nany Susanty. The celebration took place in Gratia. I didn't attend the event. I just did the streaming. I heard the sermon from the beginning till the end. And this is the result. It is from 1 Sam. 14:7. In the past, the brand of my products was: With Hands And Heart. And now, after listening to this sermon, I want to add like this: With Hands, Heart And Soul".

Now about the food. Last Tuesday evening, I was asked to come to the restaurant to have dinner together with all musicians who participated in Pesach Celebration. We ordered the big meals. All were big including this beef burger. Wow! So big!! I think this is the tastiest food in the restaurant. 

The students of Grade 12 just passed. So, here we are, celebrating the occasion together. I treated them in the same restaurant. It was last Thursday afternoon. There were 12 students who came  and joined the lunch. We had fun chatting everything including about the universities they want to go to.
You know, last Saturday night, my family also went there. Hahahaha.. so this week, I ate 3 times in the same restaurant. And I always ordered the same menu: Big Burger. :D 

The Grade 12 students want to have a farewell event in Pari Island. They need to do the fund raising. They asked me to help them out. So I made this meals. So far, I have made Baked Noodle and Fried Mac 'n Cheese. Just look at the pictures below. Don't they look yummy? I have made these for several times. I hope they will get the amount of money as they wish to have. And they can go together for the final time as HS students. After that event, they will spread. Some will go to other cities to continue their studies. Some will stay in Cirebon, either to work or to study. All the best for them all.

That's all. It was a wonderful week I have passed. I wish to have more and more wonderful days ahead. God is always with me. HE supports me all the way. I love YOU, Jesus...


A Journey of a Thousand Miles

Hi friends,

Here I am. It's another watercolor. I want to use all the containers stamps from Art Impressions. This one, I used Half Barrel. I decorated it with some grass, leaves. I really love this activity. I added the sentiment that I adore so much. The quote is very true, right?

Here it is.

The size of the card is 7.5 cm x 11 cm. It's not a regular size. It is suitable to be inserted in a box in the wedding celebration.

I join the challenge held by Art Impressions: a card which is less than A2.

I will watercolor again soon as I just received some new packs of AI WC stamps. So adorable.


Flowers on the Flower Pot

Hi guys,

Today is a holiday. No school, no work. I spent the day with my kids, shopping their necessities. And this evening, while I was listening to my own voice in the radio (was recorded earlier), I grabbed the Tombow brush pens and started watercoloring. It was such a wonderful time to release all the tiredness after this long weekend with my in-laws, nieces and  a nephew.

This is it.

I inserted the result in the white photo frame. Lovely. I will revise the background in the frame later on, so that it won't be white on white.

The stamps were from Art Impressions. I will color again tomorrow to join the challenge.

See you.


Colorful leaves & Ecoprint

Hello friends,

A month ago, I visited one channel in Youtube. The crafter was using leaves for her creation. Weeks later, I tried this one, in my version, to "print" a leaf on a watercolor paper. I applied several watercolor paints on the back of the leaf and stomped in on the paper. Then I slowly took away the leaf. I waited for the colors to dry. Then I inserted it in a photo frame. Voilà!!

So pretty, right?

To weeks after that, I arranged my trip to Yogyakarta. I wanted to meet my friend and learnt "ecoprint". It was just like a dream came true. It's been so long to come to the day. I was very happy that I got this chance. Thanks to Mbak Yayuk. This is the photo compilation.

Take a look "before & after" photo below. The leaves were arranged on the silk tissue. There was a process before that. The leaves should be in a rust liquid for some time. Then, the silk tissue was rolled, steamed for 2 hours, let it cool and dry. The leaves were varied, from teak leaves to rose leaves to eucalyptus leaves.

I think I will make more and more. I will also teach the students to make this one.

Welcome to my world, ecoprint.... 😀😀😀

I am a Maker

Hello friends,

As you know, I am a school teacher. I teach English Proficiency Program, a program from USA. I only teach on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Yesterday, I was in class. As usual, after class, I went home, and felt a bit "full" in mind. I thought I had to do something. I really wanted to paint something. So here I go...

 I used chalk paints from Plaidonline. The "I am a maker" was actually a computer print that I handled as a stencil. It it was quite simple. Then, I tried to put the things I made to be in the photo framde with the sign. Well, I made various things, so I decided to take the bunny that I sewed, the Tilda card, the decoupage coaster, the hanging shell and the letter on an embroidery hoop. Yeah, I enjoy making things. I don't create. I just make anything that is cute and pretty in my eyes.

How about you? What do you like making?


Watercolor with AI stamps

Hello friends,

Wow!! It's been more than a year that I don't post anything. But I did make many cards and creations. Well... the social media sometimes turn to other media. Lately, I used Instagram to post everything I have made.

I am one of the fans of Art Impressions watercolor stamps. I own several sets and the new sets are on the way to my place. I also follow its Instagram, where last night I found that AI is holding a challenge.

So here is my creation to join the challenge.

I used Tree Set for the trunk. The flower was from Series 7 Set 1.

By the way, I want to show you my other creations that I made last February.

Below, I made this for a male friend. He taught us how to create a traditional lantern. He is an artist. So I think he would love this one. I put it in a photo frame. I think it's quite perfect as a gift.

Thanks for viewing my creations.

I really wish to go back do the blogging. ;D