Day 30 - Live In The Moment

Hi friends,

I'm back. Oh, what a day! Well, it should be the nice day for me. But I ended my afternoon in not a good way. I joined a meeting with the ladies in the housing complex. It took us three hours to discuss everything concerning the event that will take place next week. The head of the ladies will be replaced with the new lady. And since this event concerns all the "high" rank "wives", we had to care for this carefully. Actually it can be done within one hour, if the committee prepared themselves before us.

Well, anyway, I went quickly to my craft room to release my bad mood. I made this card. i want to tell others that we live in the moment. Not in the just-good-surface moment. if we really care about the moment we live in, I'm sure we will appreciate every moment and will do more fruitful things. (Hellooooooo, ladies...) Hehehe...

This is my card for today.

Supplies: Hero Arts stamps, MFT sentiment stamp.

And these are the details:

Hope you all also understand how precious the moments God has given us freely.. In return, please, use your moments fruitfully...

Happy Monday, everyone..

Day 29 - Just A Note

Hello friends,

I made this card the other day, and to be supposedly posted yesterday on Sunday. But the wifi connection in the housing complex didn't permit to even open my blog.. *sigh...

Supplies: PTI Tag die & leave clear stamp, Carla punch, Twinery Cantaloupe

I'll be back soon for today's card.