Colorful leaves & Ecoprint

Hello friends,

A month ago, I visited one channel in Youtube. The crafter was using leaves for her creation. Weeks later, I tried this one, in my version, to "print" a leaf on a watercolor paper. I applied several watercolor paints on the back of the leaf and stomped in on the paper. Then I slowly took away the leaf. I waited for the colors to dry. Then I inserted it in a photo frame. Voilà!!

So pretty, right?

To weeks after that, I arranged my trip to Yogyakarta. I wanted to meet my friend and learnt "ecoprint". It was just like a dream came true. It's been so long to come to the day. I was very happy that I got this chance. Thanks to Mbak Yayuk. This is the photo compilation.

Take a look "before & after" photo below. The leaves were arranged on the silk tissue. There was a process before that. The leaves should be in a rust liquid for some time. Then, the silk tissue was rolled, steamed for 2 hours, let it cool and dry. The leaves were varied, from teak leaves to rose leaves to eucalyptus leaves.

I think I will make more and more. I will also teach the students to make this one.

Welcome to my world, ecoprint.... 😀😀😀

I am a Maker

Hello friends,

As you know, I am a school teacher. I teach English Proficiency Program, a program from USA. I only teach on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Yesterday, I was in class. As usual, after class, I went home, and felt a bit "full" in mind. I thought I had to do something. I really wanted to paint something. So here I go...

 I used chalk paints from Plaidonline. The "I am a maker" was actually a computer print that I handled as a stencil. It it was quite simple. Then, I tried to put the things I made to be in the photo framde with the sign. Well, I made various things, so I decided to take the bunny that I sewed, the Tilda card, the decoupage coaster, the hanging shell and the letter on an embroidery hoop. Yeah, I enjoy making things. I don't create. I just make anything that is cute and pretty in my eyes.

How about you? What do you like making?


Watercolor with AI stamps

Hello friends,

Wow!! It's been more than a year that I don't post anything. But I did make many cards and creations. Well... the social media sometimes turn to other media. Lately, I used Instagram to post everything I have made.

I am one of the fans of Art Impressions watercolor stamps. I own several sets and the new sets are on the way to my place. I also follow its Instagram, where last night I found that AI is holding a challenge.

So here is my creation to join the challenge.

I used Tree Set for the trunk. The flower was from Series 7 Set 1.

By the way, I want to show you my other creations that I made last February.

Below, I made this for a male friend. He taught us how to create a traditional lantern. He is an artist. So I think he would love this one. I put it in a photo frame. I think it's quite perfect as a gift.

Thanks for viewing my creations.

I really wish to go back do the blogging. ;D