Small Boxes

I love boxes!! These boxes were made with papers. The boxes were covered with colorful plain papers. The lids were covered with Yuzen Washi (Japanese Paper). Yuzen Washi is a name of one adorable Japanese paper. These papers are indeed beautiful. Inside the lid, I stamped: "The Beauty Of Washi".

Quilling Frame

This black paper photo frame was decorated with quilled flowers. I used spiral punch and leave punch to make the frame more alive. The white bars were free handcut.

The orange nuance frame took quite more time to make.

Aren't they pretty? Quilling is a time-consuming crafts, but adorable one.

Frame with roses

J'adore photo frames!! I love frames. I made this black one with papers and papers. The roses are made from punched hearts, pink and dark pink. I used punches to almost all my crafts.