WCMD 2010 - Cards of Togetherness Among Indonesians

Hi friends,

How's your WCMD? We had a fabulous day. Though we we
re separated by roads, islands and oceans, but we can connect each other via Facebook. I asked my friends to make a card on that day and upload it on each wall. It was great. Everyone made one card. Even there was a friend who never made a card, she made one. Wow.. Isn't that fabulous? Now, it's me who have to update all the cards made by us. Posting a photo in Facebook is seen only once and then forgotten. So, it is made purely to treasure them in one post.

Here are the cards made by us. They are all gorgeous and exposing that through cards, we are friends. I arrange them in alphabetical order.

Ayu - Jakarta
Dwita - Cirebon
Eva - Bogor
Evieta - Singapore
Hany - USA
Iin - Yogyakarta
Jane Albertine - USA
Jovita - Jakarta
Monika Reeck - Germany
Niken - Salatiga
Rieka - Jakarta

Rina - Jakarta

Susan - Malang
Tanika - Bali
Vera Rhuhay - Surabaya
Vina - Semarang

Yenni Nathalia - Singapore

Thank you, my friends, for playing together last Saturday. I really treasure our friendship. Keep crafting, keep creating more and more cards. Love you all.

Thanks for looking all the cards...