Peony 3-D Flower

Hi friends,

Meet again. Last week, I dug my drawers to see my collection of punches. There are more than 200 punches, small and big. They were and still are adorable collection. Then I came to the collection of craft books. They are also more than 300 books, thin and thick, hard cover and soft cover. I finally found the books that I bought 2 years ago in Ebay. Lovely books about using punches to make 3-D flowers.

Then today, I tried to make one, ane here is the result.

I used Carl punches : CP2 Apple for the petals. CP2 and CP1 Sun for the stamens. I used PB Dusty Miller for the leaves. So, what do you think? An apple punch can create a peony? So lovely. I shall try to make another flowers like Dogwood, Daffodil, and Iris. Two years ago, I managed to make an orchid. I'll show you the result later. Wow.. I feel good to come back to my collection of punches.

You can find the tutorial here. Worth to try, happy to see the result...

Thanks for looking, friends...