ODOP - Day 18 - A vintage photo frame

Hello friends,

Before telling you about my creation, I want to share a little story about my first daughter. Her name is Kezia. She is in grade 12. Well, just think that she has graduated, though the announcement hasn't come up yet. Last night she had a prom nite. Don't think that the nite is the same as the original prom nite. As she came home in the middle of the night, she told me that they spent memorable moment with all school grade 12 friends. At almost the end of the event, they cried as if they didn't want to separate from each other.

This is her picture that I took last night before she left for the party:

We were hunting for her dress last month in Surabaya. The whole family. Lol. Then.. she made the accessories by herself: the necklace and the bracelet. All in black. In the afternoon, she went to the hairdresser. But she felt disappointed. She made up her hairdo .. et voila.. She also did her own make up. She really looked gorgeous last night.

And this morning, as the theme is "vintage", I decided to use her photo on my project. This is the result:

I used pattern papers from "Documented" Simple Stories. All the papers were from that 6x6 pad. The photo frame was the old one. Then I sand blasted it a bit here and there to make it look more vintage. Luckily, I have this background to take this picture. Amazingly matching..

The closer look on the monograms:

 And the last one, is a small paper that she needs to tick:

I will give this photo frame tonight after dinner. Well, my heart is starting to feel sad, because, we will be in different cities starting next September. She will go to college. Hopefully she can enter the pubic university studying chemistry as she wishes. Or in the private university studying petroleum. That means she will be away from me. I won't be able to see her every day, every time. That thought already makes me sad and the tears almost fall down..

This photo frame, I hope, will remind her that I love her so much, my going-to-be adult girl..

Do you know how to handle this feeling? Let me know in the comment.

Thanks for visiting and enjoying my creations. See you again tomorrow.