ODOP - Day 18 - Something vintage

Hello friends..

I'm back to town. I spent 3 nights in Surabaya. I And as I mentioned previously, I bought a sewing machine. Yay!! So happy me. The brand is Janome. Before this brand, the shop offered me Singer. I know about Singer whole my life as my mom also Singer lover. But, I wanted something different. And I chose Janome. It cost me a lot, but worth it. Look at me..

Indeed, it is like a dream comes true. It was on the 19th of September, 4 months after my birthday, the 19th of May, after 19 years of marriage, I bought this precious sewing machine. I hope I could do more and share more knowledge to others.

I arrived around 3 in the afternoon and went straight to school for the craft sessions. There was a little problem that took my energy. But it was solved, anyway. And in the late afternoon, I needed to prepare myself for the radio. So I made this card after coming home from the radio, around 9 o'clock in the evening. Ohlala... And for the project today, it's about vintage.

These are the closer looks on the embellishments: 

I hope it is vintage enough. Lol.. See you again tomorrow, friends.