Suitcase Making - With Christina

Hi friends,

Today is Friday. And this is the first Friday that I didn't teach. So happy that I have plenty time to craft.

Christina came to my craft room, and both of us made the tiny suitcases.
I even made it better than the one in the mini meet last time. Wow!! This suitcase hooked me.. I want to make more and more..

The inside of the suitcase

Above is Christina's.
Below is mine.

Christina and I. Wait.. my younger daughter is far at the back.. :D

If you wish to have or purchase the kit of the suitacases, let me know. Just leave your comment in the box below. 

Thanks for stopping by..



Monika Reeck said...

aach sooo sweeetttt the one who get this will be scream so happy...aku mauuuu hihi..cute cute Mbak...sukaaaa...mana ada ungunya...yg punya mbak yg bawah kaaan luv this much...

Maryann Laursen said...

This one here is so gorgeous too Dwita. You really have done an awesome job on these cute suitcases, they´re sooo cute and gorgeous.