The Owlie Family

Hay friends,

It's Thursday. And suddenly I love it so much. Because tomorrow I can stay at home the whole day. Yoohooo...

And that feeling encouraged me to finish what I started some time ago. I cut the cloths to make the owls. The tutorial is from Useful DIY. You can find it here.

When I started one, I couldn't stop, and I came up with these Owlie family.. Soooo cute...My daughters accompanied me in the craft room, waiting for the owl to be ready, and then they started to decorate.

I love this one so much.


This family looks like my own family: a family with 3 daughters. Hehehe.. By the way, the 'kid' owl in the middle belongs to my youngest daughter. Look how she embellished the owl.

You can make one. It's so easy. I used a portable sewing machine. An old one, but I love this machine so much. I bought it 16 years ago. And it still works good.

Worth to try, friends...

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Monika Reeck said...

oooh really cuuuteee Mbak love these all...banyak idea nya Mbak Dwitaku...luv luv luv this...bisa utk taruh jarum jahit juga mbak hadiah utk yg suka menjahit...cute sekaliiii