OWOP 3 - Pop Up Card Box

Hello friends..

Nice to meet you again. 

Today I made this card, I mean a pop up card. I followed the instruction and the measurement from a youtube channel. If the box is folded, it will fit in the envelope.

The theme is still a family. I used some pictures from our last holiday. We spent 10 days in Surabaya. These pictures were taken exactly on January 1, 2016. We took a walk around the lake near our house. My daughter rode the bicycle. It was a lovely late afternoon, and it was a good time to let out some calories after that awesome gelato.. :D 

For the card itself, I used a pattern paper from Teresa Collins: Life Emporium - Butterfly. The rest was from a paper pad of My Mind Eye: On The Bright Side.

From these two sides, you can see that I don't put much ornaments. I'm not capable enough to make a pretty crowded creation.. Hehehe.. perhaps I should try it some day...

For the back side, I added a paper to make it stronger and unbendable. 

If the box is folded, it will be a card. So I added some embellishments on the front part:

It fits in the envelope. The measurement of the card is a normal measurement: 10.5 cm x 14 cm. I used WRMK Envelope Punch Board to make the envelope.

I can send this to my hubby, so that he can put it on the voyer table in his office. But I want this to stay in my craft studio. I need to decorate the place with everything I make. Well, I made many things. However, I want new pretty handmade items to decorate the room. I hope I can finish decorating before February. I plan to open the place publicly, not for private only. The awesome journey is awaiting.... :D

Anyway, we really enjoyed our 10-day holiday in Surabaya, spending time together with the kids, though my hubby still went to the office. We really had a wonderful rest there...

Thank you for viewing my works...

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