ODOP - Day 13 - Enjoy Little Things - Tea Time

Hi friends,

Today's ODOP is about Tea Time. The theme is from me. I was randomly chosen to give a theme. Hehehe. I like drinking tea and the theme suddenly  came to mind last weekend. I remember this ATC I made some years ago.

I made this project yesterday. I used a set of die cut: Bag, Tea Bag & Accessories from Where Women Cook by Sizzix. I used paper: Brown Damask from Eco Park. The tea itself was Lipton Tea. :D

I tried to make the pictures of the project. Ohlala... It took me 1 hour to come to the end of photo session. The first was on the edge of the swimming pool. But...oh,, it was soooo windy. Everything flew. And the green birds was getting so wet. I had to replace them.

Then I moved to the living room. I shot photos from several angles. Here are some of them.

Let's have some tea, everyone.. 

PS: the tea set was a special gift from GKI Sindanglaut, when I gave a presentation on how to become a Worship Leader. Thanks so much.

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