The Owlie Family (again)

Hello friends,

This morning I had some time to be together with my craft assistants. I didn't need to come to school for the morning class, because Grade 12 was still in National Exam periode. I could come to school at 12.45 in the afternoon. So, we had time to plan crafts that do not use papers for the craft classes next week. It came to my mind to use fabric and the owl seemed to be the perfect one as a starter to sew. I searched, and I couldn't find the link. At the end, I found the owner of that famous owl tutorial. I hope you still remember the owlie family I made in 2013 based on her tutorial. This time, I didn't use a sewing machine. I sewed them by hand. Why? Because in the class, there won't be any sewing machines. Then, I attached (sewed) the ring and chain on the head. For the white and blue, I also included a round small bell. Well, you can use this owl as a key chain, or you can hang it on your bag.

Here are what I made this morning.

The blue fabric is from a scrap fabric of the HS uniform in my school.

I have plenty scraps of the blue fabric.

From its side. Look at the cute eye..

The blue and white: I stitched very close
The pink and stripes: I stitched not very close, as you can see the tread.

Hope you enjoy the new owlie family members...


Effie said...

They're fabulous!.. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Ika - Plumeria Crafts said...

this is so cool and they're so cute!!! love it so much :)