Day 23 - ODOP Christmas - Cirebon-Japan Matsuri and Add a poinsettia

Hello friends,

It's a busy day. I joined the Cirebon-Japan Matsuri in one campus. I like the ambiance, though it was a quiet bazaar. These are my pictures.

 Early before 8 a.m. my assistants and I were getting ready for the booth and display.

 Well, rather than waiting for nothing, so I joined the Shuji class. I love it. I enjoyed it so much.

After lunch time, I was asked to give a presentation about making something. So I taught on how to make a bookmarker. Mine was big enough for the audience to see.

And just now, I just managed my time to make this card. I love the color combo. The maroon is so adorable. The poinsettia was white. Cool...

Take a closer look on the color combo. I love it. Do you like maroon? 

Ok, until tomorrow.. :D

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