ODOP - Day 3 - Blue and Jogja Japan Week Day 1

Hello friends,

Today I'm in Yogyakarta. The first day of the Jogja Japan Week. Before I show you the pics, this is the creation for ODOP Day 3. The theme is: Blue..

Here are the pictures of today:
1. Me, in my booth.
2. The celebration with Taiko Okinawa

3. With all the supporting people of the events.

4. With the samurai and the punggawa

5. With the Taiko players from Okinawa, Japan

6. Opening Ceremony in Grha Sabha Permana, UGM

7. Wow..! I met Soho Satoshi, the expert of Oshie. I met him last time in Japan.

8. Yuuuhuuuu... The newest kurumies - sold out! So happy me!.

9. I also joined the shibori. It's the style of coloring cloth, Japan version. This time with indigo color.

10. Again, shibori, with the shibori master from Japan

11. With two shibori masters: Javanese and Japanese. Lol
 12. I also got a chance to have my name written by this talented young man

That's all for today. Meet you again tomorrow.

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