ODOP - Day 20 - Pocket for Money

Hello friends,

Today was a tiring day. It's the announcement day of 12 graders. Yess! They all passed the National Exams. Great!! Then they and I celebrated today together by having lunch together and going to the beach. It was so much fun. Just look at the picture...

Where is the teacher? LOL....

We really had fun, and went home when the sun was going to set. I came home around 7 p.m. Then I prepared dinner for my kids. After that, actually I was so tired. But I really wanted to make  this pocket money. Voila... whenever the smell of the craft room came, the tiredness faded.. Hahaha..

So, here is my pocket money:

It is only one side. It is not a card. It is only a piece of paper with two pockets. One pocket is for the tag where I can write the message, where the other pocket is for the money. Hey...where am I? In Korea? Hehehe.. Just the remain of the money left from traveling to Korea some time ago..

Here are the details of my creation. I used pattern papers from 1 pad: Kaiser Craft Bluebelle. Love the color combo of all papers.

This pocket money will be given to my Dd's Nursery teacher who gets married tomorrow morning. I do hope they enjoy the gift, as they also enjoy their new life, new family.

Here are the closer look on the pockets themselves:

Well... I hope it inspires you... Now. I'm off to sleep, to regain the strength for tomorrow's activities.

I love you all, my students...

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