Knitted Scarf

Hello friends,

I managed myself making a knitted scarf. I bought the Boye Loom Set In Joann, Dallas, TX, USA. The following day, I started using the tool. The instruction inside the box was written in English, but it wasn't clear enough for me. So I decided to go online and checked the Youtube. I found the one that interested me. Whenever I had time during my stay in the USA, I knitted. Even when I was in the waiting room in Dubai, I knitted. Lol... I wished I could have finished it when I arrived in Indonesia. But, I couldn't. It finally took me 3 weeks to finish this scarf.

Look at this yarn. Wow.. So big..

In front of Joann store in Dallas.

In the car, on the road trip, it accompanied me.

In the waiting room, Dubai Airport.

Here it is, the finished knitted scarf. It's 1.5 meter long.

I went to H&M store, and found the knitted scarf sold there. Mine is not bad lah... :D

And here I am wearing this scarf:

Thanks for reading my post about this knitted scarf. This is my first knitted scarf  ever.

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