Frenchy Embossed Cards

Hello friends,

It's Tuesday. Tuesdays have been my favorite days. I've tried hard to schedule Tuesdays doing nothing but Praise and Worship with friends, then do the crafts.
However, today, I had to finish the revision of the school data. This is the thing I don't like most. 

Anyway, I managed myself to make 60 embossed cards. This is a request from Alun-Alun Store in Galleries Lafayette in Jakarta. The store has almost run out of these embossed cards. I made the cards in blue, white and red. The colors of French, right? Take a look.

I embossed them in 10 different embossing folders. One of them is, of course, Fleur De Lys, the Lily Flower.  For French, it is a decorative symbol or design. You can read it here.

Tomorrow, I will make the envelopes. Luckily, I already have Envelope Punch Board. I bought it here. I hope this tool can make my work easier and quicker. This is the picture of the tool.

For more, I also have to make some kind of 'scrapbook' cards in French style. I have made 20 cards and they were sold out. Amazing! I never thought that there are some amazing people who abought my cards. This time is another 40 cards. Do I have time? Hehehe, let's see...  

And if I have more time, I will upload those previous 20 French cards that I forgot to show in this blog.

Ok, friends. Until then.. Enjoy your day..

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