It's been long time..

Hi friends, me again.

I suddenly wanted to check my Multiply account. And when I checked the first time I did this Multiply, I was amazed. I started that account 6 years ago in May. You can check here. Then I clicked the 'Blog', and found that 4 years ago I promised myself for opening the craft gallery in July 2008. Click here. Hey, where have I been? The craft gallery is already there, but it's only certain people know about it. Yes, I haven't done any publication or marketing. I need someone who is capable for it. I think I am ideas producer as well as the executor. Activities by activities came. The teaching across this nation as well as teaching at school and accomplishing customer's orders, really have made me forget that this craft gallery should be open for public. Ok, then, I need to "arrange" myself (read: time) again for this purpose. Oh, 4 years... How can I forget my own promise?


Ika said...

You've been a creative busy bee mbak :) I have moved my multiply coz it's just too slow to download it :P But one thing I will always remember is that you are the 1st person who gave a comment :) truly appreciate that! Goodluck for the gallery mbaakkk!! :)

Monika Reeck said...

Mbak yes I still reember that...that was after my baby Adrian was born and you want to opened or soft opened your gallery and it was never be done hehehe but I believe one day you will opened it...miss that Multipy but have no time to be ON there and blog too hihi....miss that multiply ya mbak and I know you from that forum..thanks God