Eid Mubarak Holiday

Hello friends,

Well..well.. Holiday took my days away.. Lol.. It was Idul Fitri or Eid Mubarak holiday. I don't celebrate it, but, I love holiday... Who doesn't? 

Anyway, I had to do all the chores at home. And finally had a short break in Jakarta, where I met my mother. Luckily, my brother also came from Pakistan, a country where he's working as an officer in UN (WFP). So really glad to meet the whole family. It was also my Mom's birthday, on 23rd. She's 73 and still looks younger than her age, and is still amazing. I made this "cake" for her. She was surprised looking at the cake. 

I made these slices of cake in my craft room. But the flowers, I made them just a night before the birthday. I gave these slices of cake to a gift shop in one of the malls in Jakarta, as a sample. I'll reveal the secret later in September.. ;D

I also made another slices of cake. Let's see the comparison between my "cake" and the cake we can eat.

Hehe, the one on the left was so yummy to look at (only), where the one on the right was sooooo yummy in our mouth that we didn't leave any bites of it. It's called "Devil Chocolate" cake. It's tremendously delicious..

I returned yesterday from Jakarta, fully charged.. ;D  (..and of course, also full of paper pads that I bought.. hehe..)

Ok, then. I'll be back with the album later.. See ya..

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SUSAN said...

what a lovely birthday cake...so yummy.
Sure that your mom so happy and love this cake.
"Happy Birthday"