Birthday Cakes

Hi friends,

Yesterday was the coolest day for my third daughter. She was very very happy that she could celebrate her birthday with her friends in class. She was very timid, as I observed. Hehehe... I managed to make the "cakes" for her. I found the template here. It's so easy. I just print the template on the brown card stock, and then trimmed it one by one. It didn't take too much time and the result was so perfect, in my eyes.. ;D

Here we go...

  I made 34 pieces of cakes

 A closer look on the cakes.
 Each cake could accommodate 10 pieces of candy.

The look before it was fully decorated.

During fasting month like right now, I think this cake is very suitable for celebrating in the morning. It won't harm anybody's feeling. Heheh..

Ok, then. I will post the goodie for all friends and teachers of Selin.. See you later.

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Iin Aryanti said...

Seminggu dikerjakan sendiri mbak? Pasti sibuk sekali.