Day 17 - OFF to Mediterania

Hello friends,

I am here to tell you that I will be absent for the next 12 days. I'll be flying to Madrid via Dubai, then to Zaragoza, Barcelona, Andorra, Lourdes, Nice, Monaco and will be flying back from Paris. I will accompany my DH to those amazing places. It's a business trip for him and the wife should come along. We will be another 4 couples. In Paris, DH will join a meeting in Schlumberger. Yes, he is a Petroleum Engineering in oil company in Indonesia.

I'm quite sad that I won't be able to make cards to fulfill my wish for "A Day A Card". In those places, I presume there's no craft stores. I asked my French friend, she said she has all the crafts tools by buying online. Well, I think it's time to forget a bit about crafts and enjoy the trip, the scenery and the beauty of each place.. Moreover, it's a good time to rebound the chemistry between me and my DH. Hahaha...

So, before I go, this is my card for today. As I ever mentioned in my post in the past, I adore Dawn McVey's creations. I occasionally make cards just like hers; or just got the sketch and used the stash I had. So easy but pretty (in my eyes.. LOL). This one was also inspired by her card using this stamp set.

Suplies: PTI Stamp set

And these are the details on the "stamps"

Thanks for viewing my creation. Meet you again in February 5. Bye, friends....


Ika said...

aseekkk.. refreshing mbak, jalan2 keliling mediteranian, pulang2 bawa segudang inspirasi :) kartunya kereenn mbak dwita! have a safe trip ya mbak :)

SUSAN said...

what a lovely simple card, Mb Dwita. I love your combo colors...verry pretty.

aaaaand happy traveling....and enjoy the trip.


Saffron said...

Sweet, I love card-making, I'll look forward to being inspired some more by your cards.

Have a great holiday

Jackie said...

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- Jackie of web design