Recycling envelopes

Hi friends,

Surely you are familiar with the green sign above. As also a card maker, of course, I have some new papers and old papers. Big as 12'x12' and also scraps. Since I also enjoy sending and receiving cards from friends in this globe, I sometimes got envelopes which were plain outside but patterned inside. I want to share some cards which used a used envelope and turned it into flowers and leaves. Most of them were in rolled flowers.


Hope you are inspired in using used envelopes and turn them into something beautiful.

Thanks for looking, friends.


Rina Damay said...

Love the Flowers!!! teteeeup masternya Flower. btw you cards are so Cute. suka image MFT

Monika Reeck said...

wooow I love all the flower Mbak sooo adorable and inspiring.......cute Images and cute card and banyaaak hehe...I wish I have much time to creating again :) hugs