Mini Meet with Card Lovers

Hai friends,

Last Saturday, I went to Jakarta to meet my fellows in making cards. We were in Rina Damay's place in Sudirman area. She has a wonderful place. Moreover, she has a walking closet which are full of.......stamps!! Also ink pads (complete Ranger Distress Ink Pads), Stickles, etc., etc. It's a real WOW!!! It was exactly a typical time of ladies who met together. Did we make cards? Not really!! LOL.

We did stamp a lot, punch a lot, read Magnolia mags, share where to buy these and those. And most of all, we ate a lot. At the end, we exchanged goodies. Wowohoo.. The pics will tell you what we've been doing.... Enjoy..

We are Hero Arts stamp lovers
We really adore TILDA from Magnolia
We are eaters, as well..LOL

We are Cuttlebug lovers, too
We love all the food
We love the goodies that we exchanged
Thanks, pals, for this togetherness... Love this friendship so much.


walchowDesign said...

Such a great idea to get everybody together and share the joy of eating, stamping and exchanging gifts!

Isha said...

Sounds so much fun....

SUSAN said...

happy crafting...utk saling support ya....

Nancy said...

It looks like everyone had a wonderful time....stamping really brings friends together! Thanks for sharing your pictures.
This is my first visit to your blog but I'm sure I will be back again... blessings!

Ria said...

Dear mba Dwita.....

All this time, and I didn't know that you had a blog too! *tepok jidat. So sorry. Just know from Isur today (suryanti) after she told the story of your meeting which was very very fun (I really wish I could be there *sigh)... you are so nice and share many things to her too. She was thrilled!
All in all......I love your card creation.....hopefully on the next visit to bandung, we can meet and share more things we two loved!


martha puri said...

Halo Mbak apa kabar? kl ke jakarta, ajarin aku membuat kartu cantik ya ky punya mbak :)
hugs :}