Autumn Pics by Barb Especially for Me

Hi friends,

In the countries with four seasons, right now is Autumn. I ever mentioned that I've never seen any autumn happening in my country. Barbara, then, told me that she would upload the pics of the Autumn she would have in her country. And she did. She sent me a Flickr mail telling me that today she would post those pics.

When I went through her post, wow... I can tell you that those pics really took my breath away. So beautiful, indeed. I think Autumn is the loveliest season among those. You can see the pics in Barb's Autumn post. Barb is so thoughtful. She took some pics especially for me. I can sense that while taking those pics, she was thinking of me. That's so lovely, Barb.

I wish I were there once again to feel the moment of Autumn. (The first time coming to USA was on October, some years ago. Houston seemed not giving me lots of chances to feel that Autumn at that time. But I could smell the pine, see the squirrels and spend so much time walking).

Thanks so much, Barb...

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Deirdre said...

I loved Barb's photos too... happy "Fall" to you.