Birthday Cards From Friends & Coloring 'my face'

Hi everyone, nice to meet you again. Though my birthday was over, I think it's okay to show you some cards I received from friends and family. Here they are:

It's from my Mom, as usual, she wrote on a piece of a cardstock (she has bundle of it). She's 71 years old and her handwriting is still beautiful.

It's from my students. So cute with the bird cut and those flower stickers. A simple card but I was amazed.

It's from Jovita. This card won the challenge of May Cook Up A Card. The small card but pretty.

It's from Vera Rhuhay. That TGF image is soooo cute. The pp combo is pretty.

It's from Eva. This card is very cheerful. The TGF image coloring is so adorable and very neat.

It's from Derytary & Tanuri. Thanks guys, for the flowers, too. Never thought you would remember my b'day.

I also asked some friends to join the coloring challenge on 'my face', a custom stamp gift from Digi Doodle. Here are what the made for me.

By Vera Rhuhay. She made a 6x6 scrapbook. Lovely coloring, Vera..

By Susan. She made a digital scrapbook. Like all the details you put here, Susan. (..though expecting quilling in a real one..)

By Monika Reeck. She made a small scrapbook. The details are very pretty, Nika..

Thanks my friends. Love all your cards and scrapbookings. I'll treasure them by putting them on a board and displaying it on the wall in my gallery.

Thanks for looking, friends.

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Monika Reeck said...

Mbak Dwita thanks for show up my card on your Blog...all the cards you get are so Beautiful..you are so lucky Mbak to get so many lovely creation....hugs from Muenchen