Featured in DDSB Shop & Custom Stamp Challenge

Hello everybody. It's not posting a card or anything. I just don't have much time to create anything, though my desire is sitting right on my craft chair and do something with the digi stamps that my friends have sent me.

I will return next week, or the next two weeks with my creations, as I have to take care of my Dds for their final tests. They need me badly. So, I want to be next to each of them while they are studying. The tests will commence June 1 until June 9. Hope they can do all the tests well.

And in the middle, June 5-6, we'll go for a retreat in a Catholic place. Do hope everything will be okay, as I am one of the committee who take care everything in that place. Quite busy with all the things.

I only want to let you know that after having my Custom Stamp and made something using the stamp, I just found today that the photo, the stamp and the creation of that stamp are now featured here.
So glad to find them there. As I said previously, this stamp was just like a birthday gift for me. And for that case, I have a challenge, using my custom stamp, please make something. You can get the image in my facebook account. You can just let it be in your blog or you can send it to my home address. Just let me know your post by writing it in the comments.

Thanks, Judy, for uploading. I am flattered. The other custom stamp for Sandra is also adorable. Just if I have known I could send you the pic of not my face, I would have sent my favorite pic. Anyway, the custom stamp of mine is worth a million for me... Hope to join the challenges in the future....

So many hopes I said here. Just hope (the biggest one) that Jesus may let every hopes of mine happen.

Thanks for reading. Have a great time, friends...


Fika said...

Congrats on being featured Mba Dwita.. you really deserved it :)
Wish i could follow the retreat too.. such a very long time since my last retreat.. Happy retreat and may God Bless you ;)

vera rhuhay said...

Congrats on being featured at Doodle blogs,Mb.Dwita!
here is my take http://moccavanila.blogspot.com/2010/05/dwitas-challenge.html

Goodluck for the the final test!
kalo Vera, besok udah terakhir final testnya..jadi udah lega....:)

Monika Reeck said...

Mbak Dwita congrats on being featured and I love how you coloring your face so adorable and I try now to make a special card with your face...hope you will like it...it is still in process when I write this not finished yet :)

Selamat ujian ya anak2 manisnya Mbak Dwita...hugs

Tanika Iswandari said...

Mbak Dwita, congratulation on being featured! :) your card is adorable and all of your creations are inspiring! have a peaceful time on your retreat and good luck for your children exams!!
warm hugs from bali :)