Other Hibiscus

More about Hibiscus... Whenever I have to draw, it is always this flower which comes to my mind. Even for "batik" painting, this flower was there. And for fabric painting, I also drew this flower, as you also can see it on my photo in my Profile. I don't know what made me love this flower. What I know, this hibiscus will bloom in the morning. I consider it as a human being, who should get up in the morning and start the activities. And in the evening around 5, the flower will close all the petals and faces down. It looks like it needs some rest for tomorrow's energy. So is human. Needs to rest for gathering energy again....

If you happen to have time and click my Multiply, the title is "J'adore Hibiscus", with the hibiscus flower in the photo profile. This is my Multiply.

"Batik" painting for beginner, from the start to finish took 2 days (I joined this couse while I also was giving craft courses in Cilacap)

In another town, Pekalongan, while most ladies joined batik course, I joined this fabric painting. So enjoyable..

Thanks for looking and for your appreciated kind comments.


Margaret said...

Very creative! I like the fabric painting and your hibiscus card. Thanks to blogging we can now see what people round the globe make. Very inspiring.

Monica said...

Hi Dwita,

I am really impressed with your fabric painting.
And I love the cards you have made with your hibiscus stamp.
I, too live in Indonesia (Jakarta) and make greeting cards for charity. Do visit my blog.