Teaching "clay" to Kinder Teachers

Since last February 2009, I was assigned by Erlangga Book Publisher (Erlangga For Kids 2) to teach "clay dough" to Kinder and Playgroup teachers in the island of Java. I travelled to several cities (some of them the big ones).

Last Thursday, I was in Madiun, 8-hour train traveling from my town. I was teaching how to make "clay dough" to more than 250 Kinder teachers in that town. This was my eleventh time teaching "clay dough" this year.

Here are the pics.

This is the banner to welcome everybody.

This is how I give the theory of making the "clay cough". I always use slides. The participants sit in groups.

I always come to each group to see what they have been doing. And this is their best result.

It is a wonderful time for me to share what I have. I give and share what I have in me. What I have is my talent in crafting.

Thanks for reading my story and looking at the pics.....


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