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Just few hours ago, we had this moment together. After 4-hour drive, I met Eva, Monica and Ayu in Bogor. We visited a scrapbook store, where we bought several PP. Really fun to be in this store.

Then we had lunch in a food court in the same building. We scattered finding the fight food for ourselves. I ate 'soto mi' and 'batagor'. Yummy.

Then, we went to Eva's house, where we shared our HA stamps. Each of us brought our stamps inventory. Wow!! Never thought that Eva has the most stamps among us. We stamped many images on white papers (and will bring home and make some cards later on). So many stamps, so many nestabilities, so many Cugglebug folders, that we didn't know where to start first... LOL.

We finally ended up in stamping images 'till the time we had to go back. It was a rare great moment to be able to share the stamps, giggle and enjoy each other's presence. Wish to have more time like this in the future...

(PS. : I made another 5 hours to go straight home)

Thanks for looking...

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Jacqueline said...

How lovely to have spent time with Monika, and that she made the journey to visit you - what a fun time together!
It's wonderful how this hobby can unite people!